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One of the most expansive genres within the Metal heading, Prog has given room to some of the most out there creativity the music world has ever seen. As our contemporaries are beginning to fall into somewhat more of a simplistic example of Prog, UK’s Threshold are holding the banner high for its downright mad spirit with their brand new album Legends of The Shires.

Set to release their brand new double album Legends of The Shires, despite their recent change in line up, this hasn’t deterred the band one bit to create an album that could well be the most ambitious of their career. Clocking in at a whopping 88 minutes, the record is hardly for the faint of heart. Having been going since 1988 the band are no stranger to change.

From just one listen of the astonishing single “The Man Who Saw Through Time” you can immediately get a feel for the sheer scope that West and co had in mind for this new herculean undertaking. Welcoming the return of Glynn Morgan after his exit on Psychedelicatessen Legends of The Shires sees a powerful return from the former frontman.

With some absolutely fantastic chorus lines but what was it like for Morgan to return back into the band after so long? Steering the progressive ship, keys master Richard West decided early on that this latest offering would be their most lavish to date. Setting some time very kindly aside to be able to chat, Not chasing the trail of commercial success this is Progressive Metal in its finest form. I was able to speak to both Richard and Glynn about all things Legends of The Shires and to just how much they had gone full Prog.

Threshold’s brand new album Legends of The Shires is out September 8th via Nuclear Blast. 

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