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Game of Thrones might have finished for another year but the progressive powerhouse that is Ne Obliviscaris have just revealed a second track from their forthcoming record Urn.

Announcing their return with their stunning first single “Intra Venus”, Ne Obliviscaris kicked off their album cycle with Urn in fantastic fashion. Bringing all of the elements that fans loved about their tour de force Citadel, the band merely improved on their efforts, how I don’t quite know!

Now the band have revealed another slice of their progressive cake, new single “Urn Part  I – And Within The Void We Are Breathless” is just as beautiful as it has been previously. Being the first in a series of parts for the one track, its almost like a tease to hear the full rendition. Personally I feel that the track is the darkest sounding the band have released to date focusing more on the metallic side of the band. Presland’s drumming prowess shining through with some absolutely brilliant drum work. The most important thing to note though is the bands progression in songwriting, we could have an album of the year on our hands here. I wouldn’t be surprised from Ne Obliviscaris. Give it a listen and see what you think!

Ne Obliviscaris is set to release Urn October 27th via Season of Mist and you can preorder the record here! 

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