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Returning back in 2011, Decapitated were to begin a long road out of what many would deem their Technical Death Metal beginnings. With a brand new vocalist Rasta and Vogg returning on guitar it would be these two that would lead the charge for the new Decapitated sound. Having released their sensational brand new record Anticult, just this July their trilogy comes to a close.

Kicking off with Carnival Is Forever, the band began their return to the Metal fore. Initially reticent, fans were a little suspect of the groups new sound. After establishing their roots firmly and a small line up change the band created Blood Mantra. A study in groove, the record was a step in the right direction leading us to the gargantuan leap that is Anticult.

Potentially one of my personal albums of the year, the record is faultless. Pummelling the listener for eight solid tracks that doesn’t let up for one iota and I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks so. Receiving rave reviews from both fans and critics alike, this could be one of the best albums the band have ever created. Not only do the band excel in the studio but their live performance is unprecedented. Speaking to Vogg, before their Bloodstock Festival show, a performance that was well and truly a highlight of the entire festival. I wanted to try and figure out just what were the ingredients to this absolutely ferocious Metal recipe and what their next step in the saga is. Garnering more and more attention from the Metal community the band have created more than just a buzz surrounding the new record, meaning that world domination could well be checked off the list VERY soon.

Decapitated’s astounding Anticult is out now via Nuclear Blast. 

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