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Poised to release what could be the biggest album of their career Arch Enemy are not playing around. They’ve shown that they have got everything it takes to become one of the biggest Modern Metal bands and Will To Power, will do nothing but prove it.

No doubt one of the most anticipated releases in the world of Metal this year, the follow up to 2014’s War Eternal might have been a while in coming but as the old adage goes, good things do come to those who wait. What the band have put forward is nothing short of spectacular, in the video I state that I didn’t like the record, I really didn’t like the record at first. I thought that it was cheesy and just didn’t engage with it for whatever reason, now I think its the finest accomplishment the band have ever put their name to.

Bringing Jeff Loomis into the fold, Arch Enemy are ready to conquer the world once more. With their single “The World Is Yours” reaching 2 million views in just days (it now stands at a whopping 6 million!) the stage is set for the bands return. A fantastic representation of the record, the single leads the charge on what is their most accomplished song writing to date. Experimenting with their first ever ballad or the cinematic sweeping of “A Fight I Must Win“, Arch Enemy do remain true to their classic Metal style with key changes in abundance and those all important “fuck yeah!” riffs. This could well be Arch Enemy’s finest hour.

Arch Enemy’s brand new album Will To Power is out September 8th via Century Media. You can pick up a copy here! 

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