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One of the biggest Power Metal bands to have ever existed, Blind Guardian are one of the genres cornerstones. Having been together for thirty years now, the band are elementary in the make of the genre. Performing to crowds that could well be their biggest to date, I was able to catch up with drummer Frederik Ehmke before their main support slot at Bloodstock.

Known for their love of the fantasy realm, its hard to deny when your lyrics revolve around magic red mirrors, dragons and all sorts of other things, Frederik unsurprisingly was a huge fan of all that was fiction. Currently touring their Beyond The Red Mirror album, a record that was for me my gateway into the bands style, its now become a firm favourite of mine. Chock full of drama, intrigue and excitement, its a perfect snapshot into the fantastic(al) world of Blind Guardian. Though I have to admit after seeing the band live, there’s a special place in my heart for “Valhalla” too! 

Speaking with Frederik, I wanted to find out just exactly what was the bands inspiration behind incorporating these more magical of values. Revealing to me that he was a not so subtle fan of Lord of The Rings and even HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Not to mention how it felt like being together as a band for thirty plus years and if we might be seeing any new material soon.

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