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Cannabis Corpse, are a weed themed band that pay homage to the greats with their often tongue in cheek song titles yet release their own unique and incredibly well put together songs.

Paying homage this time round to Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Nile and Suffocation, their titles are all part of the fun. Giving them a marijuana themed spin it’s just one of the many angles that Cannabis Corpse excel amongst their peers. Enlisting a brand new guitarist Ray Suhy, the band have once more upped their game since previous record From Wisdom To Baked (Gorguts). Following the balance that makes their absolutely destructive sound “In Dank Purity” relies on the bulldozing style riffs coming thick and fast. Whereas first track, inspired by Bolt ThrowerThe 420th Crusade”  brings more of an ambience into the mix, less so than the slapstick weedling sounds before it.

Improving not only their songwriting ability but their musicianship the likes of main single “Chronic Breed” showcase just how good Suhy’s chops are. Though the lyric writing does steal the limelight in this track, with the carefully placed “kill me” punching you straight into another groovy chorus. As with each Cannabis Corpse release the band haven’t put out a bad record but merely evolve with each release. The Suffocation inspired “Effigy of The Forgetful” dutifully does what it needs to, moving from fast paced blast beats to the geared up behemoth chorus.

Grown together through a love of Death Metal, there are some hints of Thrash on the likes of “Grass Obliteration” its refreshing to hear a slightly different take on the band whilst remaining true to their green Death Metal ideology. Bringing the classic elements of nineties Death Metal the hilariously titled “Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Bong Water” though it might reference Nile is a far cry from the band. This is the bands true stroke of genius, despite their homage to the classics, Cannabis Corpse remains new and fresh with a vintage sound. Left Hand Pass does nothing but enhance this notion, with the addition of Suhy, could be the most developed the band have ever been. Theres so much to appreciate if you’re a big time Death Metal fan but the band double up as a fantastic gateway into the world of the old school too. This is Death Metal band for Death Metal lovers.

Cannabis Corpse’s brand new album Left Hand Pass is set for a September 8th release via Season of Mist. You can pick up the new record here! 

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