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Which means there’s a brand new album coming November 3rd!

Previously announcing that there would be a brand new album this year following their tour reveal with Power Trip and Gatecreeper in the states, now owing to a bit of a slip up of RED Distrubution, the internet has found Cannibal Corpse‘s brand new record Red Before Black. 

Once again returning to Mana Studios with the Death Metal mogul himself Erik Rutan. Today the band have revealed the artwork and track listing. Not one for change, the artwork is once again done by Vince Locke who has done all almost all of Cannibal Corpse‘s album covers. I love the fact that it is gruesome but also somewhat refined compared to their previous dead bodies eating each other out etc… 

I have to say though I am definitely looking forward to hearing “Heads Shovelled Off“. I also am digging the more refined lyrical style that is just as gruesome and brutal but in a more mature state.  Stay tuned for a single no doubt soon after this internet storm! 

Red Before Black track listing : 

01. Only One Will Die

02. Red Before Black

03. Code Of The Slashers

04. Shedding My Human Skin

05. Remaimed

06. Firestorm Vengeance

07. Heads Shoveled Off

08. Corpus Delicti

09. Scavenger Consuming Death

10. In The Midst Of Ruin

11. Destroyed Without A Trace

12. Hideous Ichor

Cannibal Corpse’s brand new record Red Before Black is set for a November 3rd via Metal Blade. 

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