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Lifesblood of Hardcore, finding a new home with Nuclear Blast Comeback Kid’s brand new album could be their heaviest yet.

Not fitting in the with the social norms, Comeback Kid have been a band that have trod their own path since the word go. From their eponymous record Wake The Dead the band have been very much making their own noise. Releasing what could be their most experimental record yet, Comeback Kid, have really thought outside the box on this one. Banding together for their first single with singer and Prog wizard Devin Townsend on “Absolute”, the track makes fantastic use of Townsend’s unorthodox more distorted vocal style whilst its main riff is anchored in an almost Thrash style.

Though of course the hallmarks of Comeback Kid’s huge choruses are abound with the second single “Somewhere, Somehow” sounding just as big as their classics. Though the formula the band employ remains the same there are elements here which make Outsider one of the heaviest releases to date. “I’ll Be That” for example propelled by the double bass drums with a simple, if slightly dissonant riff. The suitably titled “Outrage (Fresh Face, Stale Case)” is as angry as you might think, with the classic component to Hardcore shining through with gang vocals before an almost Metalcore style riff arrives that you might associate more with Hatebreed than the posi kings. Fret not however, “Throw That Stone” spits all the venom back in a signature Comeback Kid style, with a huge breakdown which had me fear for Andrew Neufelds vocal chords, put together using clever dynamics its a classic track in a new age style.

Ending on a rather more sombre tone, “Moment In Time” leaves the album with a more poignant note than perhaps its previous incarnations, proving that Hardcore could well have far more introspective tendencies. Outsider is, as far as a Hardcore record goes, a very experimental album. Wanting to try different things with the addition of Townsend, heavier riffing has expanded their vocabulary. Its by no means their worst nor is it their best. If you’re a fan of the band there will be much to discover and love but it won’t make you leave your classics of Wake The Dead.

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