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One of the most exciting bands in Prog have will release their brand new album on September 15th and it could well be an album of the year. Here’s why.

With their Quantum Leap that was Language, The Contortionist not only moved their career forwards but you could argue, the state of the Prog genre with it. Enlisting Last Chance To Reason singer Michael Lessard, clean vocals were more apparent, beautiful soundscapes abound, creating one of the most serene records I have heard in recent years.

Now, three years later, The Contortionist return with a wiser, hardened look at the world in the form of Clairvoyant. Taking a far more ominous tone, the new record breeds atmosphere throughout its fifty two minute time frame. Moving seamlessly from its genesis right up until the grand finale of “Monochrome (Pensive)“. This could well be one of the real album’s of the year. Once again enlisting the genius that is Jamie King on production duties, the material put forward here is of the highest quality. Avant Garde, forward thinking and truly breathing in the nature of what is defined as Progressive, Clairvoyant is a masterpiece.

The Contortionist’s brand new album Clairvoyant is set for a September 15th release via eOne Heavy. Preorder it here. Seriously, do it. 

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