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The time we all want to come is getting nearer and nearer!

Recently announcing that longtime guitarist and integral cog to the well oiled At The Gates machine, Anders Bjorler left the band. Now not only have the band announced Bjorler’s replacement but have given a comprehensive update surrounding their much anticipated brand new record.

Roaring out of the shadows in 2014, its hard to believe that it has been almost four years since At The Gates’ incredible At War With Reality. As with everything to do with the Swedes it seems that good things do really come to those who wait. If you’re a fan of Death Metal you might have heard of Tomas Lindberg and Adrian Erlandsson‘s other project The Lurking Fear, then you could well have heard brand new guitarist Jonas Stålhammar.

Announcing today that Stålhammar will be joining the band not only live but on their as of yet untitled full length. Recording is set to start from November until January 2018. I would imagine that we would be looking at an April or so date for the records release which will coincide nicely with the annual festival run.

If you’ve not heard of The Lurking Fear, I strongly urge you to check out my review of their record here as there is definitely something to love if you’re a fan of Death Metal!

Here is the more detailed statement from the band :

“We were looking for someone who had the same reference points as we do, someone from the same path, so to say, who understand the greatness of both Autopsy and King Crimson. Of course it was essential that our new member could fill the shoes of Anders’ performance-wise as well, but that was never an issue with Jonas. We were looking for someone with a deep understanding of what AT THE GATES are about, someone who could contribute creatively to the band. 

Jonas Stålhammar will be a full member from day one, and will play on the upcoming full length album, scheduled for recording in November 2017 – January 2018. 

We currently have 11 songs ready for said album, and are more inspired than perhaps ever before. You can expect a full-on AT THE GATES record with all the classic elements of the band. It is by far the most comprehensive album of the band to date, and will span all the way across the different elements of the band’s sound. 

We are super-excited for 2018. It will be a good year for AT THE GATES, and our fans, for sure.”

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