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Nothing is scarier than fear itself. A sentence that could be applicable throughout the entirety of the fantastic revitalisation of IT. Set in King’s familiar stamping ground that is Maine, IT, is like nothing you have seen before.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, the man responsible for the haunting Mama, IT not only plays on your most primal fears but explores the coming of age, a topic close to King’s heart. A small town with a horrendous secret sees children disappear all the time, ignoring these childhood disappearances our band of loveable misfits named “The Losers Club” takes it upon themselves to find out just what is going on. Similar to Stranger Things, you’re entirely willing the characters on yet are just as curious if not trepidatious as them.

Working on two fronts IT is just as much feelgood as it is terrifying. Amid the terror is a story about the value of courage and friendship. The classic Goonies style squad has, the germaphobic, the studious, the big mouth, the outsider and so on. Amidst the horror there is a particular scene, which honours Anthrax’sAntisocial” in a rock fight! Lending the film a real sensitive nature despite its other vicious side it’s so at ease at showing.  Well orchestrated jump scares, wonderfully gory plug holes and wandering lepers are just some of the weapons in its arsenal. However the true star of the show is Bill Skårsgard‘s unpredictability. Shapeshifter not only in form but emotion, IT can be truly horrifying,

Fundamentally though IT channels the classic sense of terror that we, as children and probably still as adults still get (but deny). The fear of “it’s dark down there…“, “there’s that painting I don’t like up there” this horror of the unknown that plagues everyone deep down. According to a record breaking box office weekend, IT’s good to hear that Horror is well and truly still alive and IT is a reenvisioning that will scare you stiff and smile just as wide.

IT is out now. Go see IT! 

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