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An institution in the world of Death Metal, Suffocation have no equals. In a year that has seen a return from some of the strongest of the Old School Death Metal pack, Suffocation’s furious contribution …Of The Dark Light is without a doubt one of the highlights. Sitting down with bassist Derek Boyer and new kid on the block Eric Morotti, I was able to speak to the two all about the new record.

For those who might have seen Suffocation on their most recent jaunt, you’ll know just how powerful their destructive force can be in a live setting. Not only bringing their signature sound but with it an energy that even most of today’s contemporaries don’t share, the Suffocation vibe is something that transcends more than just the usual Death Metal check list.

Returning with …Of The Dark Light, their first record in four years, Suffocation had been through the wars somewhat losing different members. Picking themselves up they resolved to carry on despite the odds being somewhat stacked against them. The result is the belligerent force of their brand new and absolutely genius record. Set to head back out on tour with The Black Dahlia Murder in the US, the mood in the band’s camp is currently one of good vibes. Having a well deserved beer before wrapping up what has been an intense schedule of touring all over festivals, I was able to speak to members of Suffocation old and new simultaneously outside London’s prestigious, yet loveable dive that is The Underworld!

Suffocation’s brand new ripper is out now via Nuclear Blast. 

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