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Built from the ashes of what was Rage Against The Machine, Brad Wilk, Tom Morello and Tim Commerford join forces with the vocal stylings of Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real rounded off with the proficiency of DJ Lord we welcome the new era of protest in the form of Prophets of Rage.

Despite the change in years, much of the politics that inspires the lyrical content of Prophets of Rage sadly remains the same. Bringing to life the hypocrisy of our modern society “Unfuck The World” calls for an armistice of the hatred. Drawing similarities from Rage Against The Machine was of course inevitable through the classic features of Morello’s innovative guitar playing. Remaining just as interesting  ever, special mention should go to the inspired guitar solo in “Smash It” the albums final punch sealing the deal. The biggest point of difference being both Chuck D and B-Real riffing off each other to create a fantastic vocal contrast. The more laid back “Take Me Higher” brings Brad Wilk’s cowbell in full swing, having an overall far more funky feel with small, stabbing sixteenth notes from Morello in its verse section. 

Though one of the key facets of Prophets of Rage as you might have guessed lie in dynamics. Put forward on the likes of “Hail To The Chief” seeing Chuck D takes the centre stage forming a more aggressive punch in its chorus. As much there are new elements in Prophets of Rage there are some sections where the collaborative cracks peer through on the Audioslave like “Living On The 110” which sound like a classic Rage track gone karaoke. 

The urgency of “Strength In Numbers” recalls the classic insurrection that the band thrived on in their nineties hey day, taking the pressure up slowly throughout the track until it’s peak. Though it might not incite the kinds of revolution that were seen in the days of the nineties, there is a lot to love in Prophets of Rage’s debut album with some real standout moments but it’s sadly not quite escaped the clutches of the supergroup aesthetic to become something of its own identity. 

Prophets of Rage’s debut record is set for a September 15th release via Caroline International. Preorder the record here. 

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