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Often known for its more lofty of ideals, Prog is no doubt one of the most studious of the genres in music. Bringing together the idea of concepts to create, a narrative that sometimes ends up becoming an entity even bigger than the record itself. A fine line between ambitious and pretentious, In Contact discusses the very idea of the concept of Art itself and its genesis. Created in the form of an allegory, the story revolves around different characters who all play a significant part in the story yet are all tied by their common theme, Art.

Coming off the back of the serene sounding Bloom, musically the record completely blindsided me, the likes of  one two punch of “Dream The Dead” followed by “Will’s Song (Let The Colours Run)“, creating a for more ominous tonality is arguably the heaviest the band have ever sounded. With each track meticulously thought out, despite what might seem like a very calculated approach owing to the feel of the tracks they’re given a more organic nature. “Songs for No One” for example is a brilliant encapsulation of the  band’s  newer sound with elephantine style riffs quite literally stamping out the competition.

Not forgetting its subject matter the likes of “Inertia, The Weapon and The Wall” sees vocalist Jim Grey create a solliloquy which is just as enrapturing as it is rabble rousing. Showcasing the man’s real gift for theatrical, spoken word delivery. Though not all of the record is bludgeoning riffs, the more subtle nuances of “Love Conquers All” slowly seep through channelling the brighter sounds we’re used to hearing Caligula’s Horse. With the far reaching arm of the internet, the world of music is incredibly oversaturated causing bands to be popping up in their multiples breeding all sorts of copycats ,  here lies Caligula’s Horse’s ace in the hole so to speak with their unique musical voice in an oversaturated market place.

A band who are unafraid of a challenge musical or otherwise, the ‘Horse save the best for last with the fifteen minute epic “Graves“. Acting almost as a culmination of each of the ideas explored within the record, it’s a fantastic encapsulation of each aspect put forward by Caligula’s Horse. There’s not a second which feels like filler and even features a saxophone solo for those extra tasty sections. Featuring almost Power Metal style leads, with an undercurrent of urgency owing to Grey’s vocal delivery, it’s like nothing the band have made before. Introducing new members into the band, testing the musical water, In Contact not only tells a beautiful concept in a masterful capacity but sees the band push their elective boundaries whilst tightening up their content something that is so often overlooked in the wonderful, expansive world of Prog. For such a young band to have achieved already what this band have is truly a feat in itself and merely a foreshadowing of their true potential.

In Contact is out September 15th via Inside Out. Make sure you pick up a copy here! 

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