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Somewhat of a renaissance, 2015’s Hammer of The Witches could well have been one of Cradle of Filth‘s finest hours to date, could their brand new effort Cryptoriana : The Seductiveness of Decay continue this trajectory?

Returning with the same line up, Cradle of Filth endeavoured to make their brand new record one of the most collaborative efforts to date. Speaking to Dani Filth recently, the band headed out to the Czech Republic to write the record, unknowingly the band ended up writing the entire record in that sitting. Building on the already solid foundations of their previous effort, Cryptoriana is a streamlined, slimmer more focused attack in the Cradle of Filth arsenal.

Thematically the record deals with the idea of Victorian ghost stories and the Victorian infatuation with death, what better subject for a Cradle of Filth record? Chock full of some of the best leads the band have ever created, drama and intrigue, Cryptoriana is an album that will satisfy the die hards whilst engulfing even more unsuspecting listeners, growing their incredibly loyal fanbase ever more. Step into the crypt for a record that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Welcome to Cryptoriana.

Cradle of Filth’s brand new album Cryptoriana : The Seductiveness of Decay is set for a September 22nd release via Nuclear Blast and you can preorder the record here! 

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