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Ranging from all sorts of musical ideas a bands influence can be from the most out there in the world to the more refined, calculated and diligent compositions. Hailing from France’s capital, Novelists are onto something. Combining components that bring together their French heritage with a Modern Metal sound. Having just unveiled their sophomore effort Noir just last week, in an exclusive video, Novelists take you through some of their songwriting techniques for the brand new album.

Although Novelists might be a young band they have an old heart. Taking to the idea of Noir with influence of the classic sonata’s the band are something incredibly different in an oversaturated world. With the release of their Arising Empire debut Souvenirs seeing the band perform all over Europe including a spot at UK’s Tech Fest last year, for those would have attended you’ll know just how much of a force to be reckoned with Novelists can be.

Novelists - Noir_4000px

Wanting to expand their musical vocabulary so to speak, the band delved further into their musical ideas for their second offering. Similar to Souvenirs, instead Noir sees the songwriting that was put forward on their previous work and improved the formula. Part Metalcore, part Tech Metal this dualistic nature of the band could well down to the two principle composers who this time round set out to write both indecently as well as collaboratively. With the band heading out on an extensive tour with Make Them Suffer this November, Novelists are on their way to becoming one of the most exciting bands from the French scene.

Rapidly becoming some of the most exciting out there, the French music scene is a hotspot for creative talent. With the likes of supernova’s Gojira, atmospheric Post Rock gloomers Alcest, now the gaze has turned to Metalcore. With their new record Noir, Novelists not only stake their claim in their French heritage but in the world of Metal and have released a fantastic sophomore effort with an absolutely fascinating concept. Check out the exclusive video where both Florestan Durand and Matt Gelsomino talk through the different visions behind Noir.

Novelists’ brand new album is out now via Arising Empire and you can pick up a copy right here! As well as finding European / UK tour dates and tickets here! 

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