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In particular on their brand new single “Overthrow” taken from their newly announced record False Idol our October 20th.

Leaving it pretty late in the year for an announcement, Veil of Maya will be returning following their Matriarch record which featured then new vocalist Lukas Magyar and he does somewhat steal the show on their brand new single. Musically the track sounds more like the classic Veil of Maya that we’re used but that chorus is an injection of melody the band sorely needed making Magyar a real essential element in the make up of what Maya now sound like.

As for the record itself, False Idol will feature a concept that is told in the first person. Working with the two producers Max Schad as well as Brandon Paddock who took over the vocal recording duties. In regards to the albums story according to the singer

“You’re following this character, who’s not the nicest person, and he rises to power. You’ll have to listen to find out what happens – it’s a very dark storyline.”

I would imagine that the artwork that looks like a new age take on the classic Napalm Death, Carcass album covers which feature a morbid collage, references this ascent that this malevolent presence encounters. The single itself, I first thought was pretty throwaway if I’m totally honest but that CHORUS! MAN! Absolutely fantastic. This could well be an improvement on what was their highest achieving record to date Matriarch.

Preoder the album here. False Idol is set for an October 20th release via Sumerian. 

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