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The term extreme is often thrown around a lot in the world of Metal but there is none that are more deserving of its accolade than Cattle Decapitation. The San Diego vegan’s have cultivated a sound that is well and truly like none we’ve seen before. Bettering their  already incredibly high set bar, The Anthropocene Extinction was one of the record books.

With critical acclaim it saw the band kick off one of their biggest touring cycles to date, universally acknowledged as some of their finest work. As we begin to move into the end of 2017, the band are already planning their next steps to release a brand new album. Garnering a fierce following the band have been touring extensively throughout the year, teaming up with Death Metal legends Broken Hope, Cattle Decapitation are currently on their headline Hell On Earth tour all over Europe.

Nabbing guitarist and all round lovely bloke Josh Elmore, before their absolutely astounding performance at London’s Underworld, Elmore elaborated on the idea that the band see their records in a sense of trilogy. Having created a new formula until their third incarnation being the most streamline representation of their new sound. If we’ve already had Monolith of Inhumanity, then The Anthropocene Extinction, what on earth are we going to get next!

Cattle Decapitation are currently on tour and The Anthropocene Extinction is out now via Metal Blade.

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