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Not only limited to the phenotype, the term ugly can be all manner of things. Derogatory towards something’s physical features, it can also be a fantastic way to describe a sound that is absolutely horrendous, in a good way of course! Improving on their 2015 release Dead Set, Australia’s noisest exports return with their brand new album Ugly Produce.

Starting up like a classic Punk anthem “All Hail The Grub” quickly morphs into a far more abrasive affair with staccato style guitar riffs permeating the Punk aesthetic to reveal a venom behind front man Matthew Young’s squawking vocals. Slowly but surely growing until its crescendo. Aptly titled there is nothing clean or polished on Ugly Produce, from the lyrical content “Ten Pounds of Shit In A Five Pound Bag” is a prime example, to the production. Everything here is as dingy as possible giving that quintessential feel of filth that is so well associated with a familiar dive.

Similarly just as grubby as Ugly Produce might be, its energy is uncontainable. Channelling Scum-era Napalm Death style riffs “Piss Wreck” almost moves into Pig Destroyer type territory with its relentless onslaught of riffs before stepping into a more steady pace. In part due to the monstrously chunky bass tone that shines through on “Die Before You Die” the riffs come thick and fast here. Channelling the spirit of crossover King Parrot are never polarising, bringing elements from the Punk sensibility, Grindcore ferocity and a Hardcore style delivery, this is a perfect example of a band knowing exactly not only what they’re good at but what they’re capable of.

Not ones for wasting time “Entrapment” sets the albums tone straight from the word go, yet as the record limps on the band understand their proficiency in being absolutely filthy. Playing to their strengths, the entire record isn’t a joyful listen. Here we’re opening the metaphorical fridge door in a dilapidated apartment. Gone off milk the likes of “Numb Skull” seem rooted in Discharge-esque velocity of aggression. The mouldy bread of “Scattered” bring with it the waft of decay, spoiled meat, absolutely everything about this band’s sound is something that most would find hard to stomach yet this is precisely what makes the band so great to listen to. Working brilliantly on multiple fronts, the record is as vitriolic as they get with a sound that might draw from the classics yet is quintessential theirs.

King Parrot’s brand new album Ugly Produce is set for a September 22nd release via Agonia Records. 

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