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As the saying goes, three times a charm! Though it might long past their third album mark, Wolves In The Throne Room have quite deservedly cultivated their own movement in the underground that has been growing with every release. Making their impact on the scene with Black Cascade, the band quickly garnered attention from all of the underground Black Metal scene, no small feat with it being the most safe guarded and elitist potentially of the lot. Experimenting with previous release Celestite, Wolves have returned with a more classic approach to what fans have been accustomed to with Thrice Woven.

Made up of a total of five tracks, the material on Thrive Woven is incredibly expansive. Drawing on influences from the darkest of Black Metal, to almost a Drone sensibility. “Angrboda” initially follows a clear Black Metal path before the celestial synth tones infiltrate the track flooding it with melody. Before returning back to the primitive style Black Metal once more. Its the kind of understanding of dynamics like these where the band entrance the listener. Repetition a key element of the bands arsenal, the Celtic beginnings of “Born of The Serpent’s Eye” is a perfect example. Beginning with a simplistic melody, beautifully crafted to create a sense of forlorn hope, this relief is translated throughout the just shy of ten minute track.

Known for their experimentation, Wolves In The Throne Room are a band like no other, having recorded previous records entirely of their own volition and ability, their approach is unique in their delivery. Acting as a kind of bridge “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” brings this arid sense of loss that the band are so good at conjuring. Almost more theatrical than musical at times, Wolves In The Throne Room become an altruistic experience. Similar to their female counterpart of Myrkur, the band create an entirely different world that you’re instantly absorbed into when the record is on.

Finishing the record off with the triumphant din of “Fires Roar In The Palace of The Moon” (could you get a more Black Metal title?) its a cry that Wolves In The Throne Room know exactly their capability and although their previous record might have been a stark contrast from what the band have put forward previously, Thrice Woven sees the likes of Black Cascade-esque melodies return yet instead of going for the jugular here Wolves understand implementing the use of ebb and flow giving the record a warm alpenglow, that can just as suddenly turn into a cold fluorescence. With their fifth album, Wolves In The Throne Room have created yet another record that instantly sweeps you away into a land far distant from ours. A fantastic encapsulation of escapism.

You can pick up a copy of Wolves In The Throne Room’s Thrice Woven here and make sure you catch the band on their upcoming Euro tour! 

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