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Five years ago, unbeknownst to me I stumbled upon one of the most interesting records I had heard in a long while, combining elements of Punk, Hardcore, Metal and even to an extent Prog, Propagandhi were like nothing I had heard the genre before, now five years later with a slightly different line up, the band return with Victory Lap.

Picking up somewhat where Failed States left off, its a hell of a record to follow up. With five years having gone by, there have been an incredible amount of changes not only within the bands circle but on planet earth. Sadly we now have an idiot in the White House, running the country into the ground, making sweeping often sexist, bigoted comments which, in 2017 you would think might be extinct.

Yet sadly prejudice still reigns supreme. Take major star Rihanna, her make up line Fenty Beauty launched this month. The first to offer foundation in EVERY shade. The world is calling it something remarkable yet really, its just being accepting of everyone’s different skin tone, accepting of the fact that everyone is different regardless of skin colour, heritage,sexuality, religion the lot!

Having always been a very political band, Propagandhi strive to make the rest of the world have this opinion. This ideology (that really we should all share) that, yes there might be difference but its worth celebrating not ostracising. Returning with a new guitarist, Sulynn Hago, her fretboard skills kick more than just a bit of ass. Baring their metaphorical teeth, Propagandhi are here to give you an insight into their world with Victory Lap, its chock full of beauty harmonies, urgent palm muting thrashing and above all a true sense of purpose. Make sure you give it a listen at the very least.

Propagandhi’s brand new album Victory Lap is out September 29th via Epitaph. Preorder the album here. 

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