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Earth? Existence? Everything? The meaning behind Enslaved’s enigmatic album are manifold. From the most theoretical to the downright daft, a perfect encapsulation of the band themselves. Known for their comedic delivery, their music is anything but and new album “E” should be seen as a true understanding of just what Enslaved not only stands for but means to the band themselves.

Sitting down with absolutely lovely Ivar Bjornson, the mood is one of quiet anticipation as we sit down on the sofa to discuss the band’s enigmatic new record E. Having worked together with Wardruna mastermind Einar Selvik previously on their joint venture that was Skuggsja, Bjornson has been very much exposed to the more rustic elements of the musical world, forming itself a brand new journey for the guitarist.


Coincidentally, the same year Skuggsja’s debut record was released the Norwegian’s celebrated their quarter of a century together as a band. Commemorating their twenty fifth anniversary with a series of intimate, one off shows the band would perform. Building on their progressive roots from album In Times, it was as much about celebration as it was progression.

Ending 2016 on a massive high note, Enslaved had achieved something that most bands would never be able to. Not only have the band made their mark on the musical world of Metal but have slowly but surely transforming their brand of music from their darkest Black Metal roots on Vikingligr Veldi stretching right up to 2017’s “E”. Though unbeknownst to the public, the winds of change in the band had begun blowing. Announcing his departure from the band, Herbrand Larsen would take his leave from the band. Ushering a new era for the band, an era of experimentation, excitement, enthusiasm and most important enjoyment. Just perhaps some of the words you could use to describe “E”. Though perhaps the most pertinent would be the understanding of the band themselves.

Enticing, exhilarating, essential “E” is Enslaved understanding everything the band have embodied past, present and future but don’t just take my word for it!

Enslaved’s brilliant new record “E” is set for an October 13th release via Nuclear Blast. Preorder the record here! 

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