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The band have posted a mysterious picture on Instagram, naturally the entire world has freaked out. 

Releasing one of Technical Death Metal’s best albums last year, Obscura roared back into the spotlight proving that they didn’t need the help of longtime members Hannes Grossmann and Christian Muenzner with a killer new record Akróasis. 

Normally it takes at least around the four year mark for the band to release any new material. Mysteriously the band posted a photo on their instagram teasing an announcement via Facebook live on October 1st. 

As you can see at the bottom of the photo, there are hashtags saying “The End” which has naturally made me think holy crap. Given their struggles throughout the recent years, a small amount of me thinks this could well be THE END. Then logic kicks in and says, well surely they wouldn’t tease a disbanding announcement and make all this hype over it. Which leads me to think that perhaps it might be an EP the band might have put together, Live DVD or maybe shockingly a new record! Could they be teasing the end of their Relapse Records contract and it’s a new contract? 

At this moment in time your guess is as good as mine! Let’s wait and see! 

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