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Releasing their second single just in time for the UK run with Arcane Roots, Good Tiger premiered their brand new piece on Dan Carter’s Rockshow last night.

Somewhat stylistically different from their first single “The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking“, the band’s second single almost seems to follow an electronic pattern yet in a more band like setting. If anything its a testament to the versatility of the band, not to mention the drumming prowess of Alex Rudinger, how has proven that he has just as much groove as some of the best out there.

Vocalist Elliot Coleman once again delivers a jaw dropping performance whilst the bass anchored by Morgan Sinclair and the twin guitars of Dez and Jo work perfectly. Not strictly sticking to one style, the sound of Good Tiger is something unique that only the band would be able to replicate. Not to mention something fresh and new in an age where bands can be stale and oversaturated. Listen to “Blueshift” now and see for yourself.

The band are on tour currently supporting Arcane Roots and will be releasing their brand new album We Will All Be Gone on February 9th via Metal Blade.

You can preorder the record here! 

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