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One of the hardest to pronounce Death Metal bands, Haemorrhage return to the operating theatre this October with their defiant cry to the Metal world, We Are The Gore. Responsible for inspiring bands all over the bloodsoaked Metal map, they are originators of all that is bloody. Channelling the British Melodic Death Metal sensibility of the nineties to the boiling hot Spain, Haemorrhage are the country’s best kept secret.

Returning after a six year absence following Hospital Carnage, its clear that the band haven’t missed a beat with their furious “Bathed In Bile”. Treading water between Death Metal and Grindcore, the order of the day here is vicious drums, lacerating guitar work and a driving bass line to power the tracks in a fierce velocity.

Not losing their sense of humour the tongue in cheek “Gore Gourmet” opens with the delightful sample “dinner is served”. At times putting its foot into the realms of Hardcore, the band bring an old school sensibility right back to where we would have seen previously with a rapid fire snare attack. Just as much as they might be vicious so are they apt at causing the kind of ruckus a Punk band would tongue in cheek “Forensick Squad” temporarily shows their Punk ethos before another barrage of Grindcore, along with the hilarious “C.S.C. (Crime Scene Cleaners”  Recalling the likes of Cannibal Corpse husk of Barnes, vocalist Lugubrious does an exemplary job on the record biting back at the listener.

Fans of alliteration “Medical Maniacs” opens with a thick bass line heightening the Punk sensibility, returning for the song’s grooving chorus. Pushing past at a pace that is never rushed, yet has a sense of urgency when needed Haemorrhage know exactly where to hit and when. “Gynecrologist” for example is one of the We Are The Gore’s more furious moments with a gorgeous solo that would sit perfectly in the early nineties Death Metal movement, I’m looking at you Carcass. Coming up the rear an almost Iron Maiden style solo appears in “Miss Phlebotomy” highlighting the bands prowess at being able to sit both in Punk but also in the more Melodic Death Metal camp. Combining visceral lyrics, scathing instrumentals and a ghoulish topic, the intro of “Nauseating Employments” is a perfect snapshot that triumphantly states that Haemorrhage really are the underdogs of Grindcore in their cries of “We Are The Gore!!

Haemorrhage’s brand new album We Are The Gore is out October 6th via Relapse Records. 

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