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Forever evolving, Trivium are a band that are fearless in the face of adversity. Having toured their collective asses off for their 2015 release Silence In The Snow and gone through two drummers, Trivium triumphantly announced that they would be releasing their highly anticipated new record The Sin and The Sentence this October.

Revealing in one fell swoop their brand new song, title track “The Sin And The Sentence” another brave new chapter had begun. No doubt their most collaborative effort to date, the record sees Trivium come together and work as a band like we’ve never heard them before. Drawing on the influence of their classic releases the likes of Ascendancy, In Waves and Shogun, The Sin and The Sentence stands on its own two feet.

With much of the lyrical content being driven by bassist Paolo Gregoletto, Heafy was able to focus his attack once more on vocal ability. Notable inclusion of Alex Bent too, the band’s new drummer, who makes more than just a mark on the record and Corey Beaulieu‘s signature lead style makes the record to be a fantastic addition to an already stellar catalogue. Containing some of their heaviest material in years if Silence In The Snow might have made you doubt the band somewhat, fear not as Trivium return with their characteristic elements, yet simultaneously tread new ground, ironically a classic trait of their sound.

A driving force in the Metal world , Trivium could well be seen as key players in the Modern Metal world. Both being what you would expect from the band and what you’ve never heard before, the likes of “Other Worlds” and the progressive stroke that is “The Revanchist” are just two of the perfect examples of diversity that the band have opted for on their latest release. After the announcement of their record, both Matt Heafy and Paolo Gregoletto, very kindly took the time to speak to me about The Sin And The Sentence and how it could be the most expansive record Trivium have ever released.

Trivium’s brand new record, The Sin And à The Sentence is set for an October 20th release via Roadrunner. 

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