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After celebrating their landmark twenty fifth anniversary together as a band, there was news that would have shaken any other band to their foundations. Not Enslaved. Announcing that long time keyboardist AND vocalist Herbrand Larsen would be departing the band following their final Spinning Wheel Ritual tour dates, Enslaved began their search for his replacement. Little did they know that they would have written E a year later.

Almost as if it was fate, after Larsen’s leaving, the band found new keys master and vocalist Hakon Vinje. Not questioning this meeting the band immediately began the process to integrate the man into the band. Prior to this however, growling Grutle Kjellson had taken the reigns with clean vocals if needs be. Fast forward to October 2017.

A year in the making, Enslaved have unveiled their latest stroke of genius. Title “E” the record is yet another imperious step in their journey towards expansion. Having celebrated their landmark twenty fifth anniversary last year, its clear to see it has affected the band. Taking the last year and its relentless touring, along with all that Enslaved stand for, their rightful statement “E” is not only a reaffirmation of their status as one of Metal’s most expansive bands but a love letter to duality. Referring to the band directly via the letter “E”, it also represents the rune Ehwaz  as well as a literal interpretation of “horse”! Representing the dualistic nature of the universe, the record combines elements from the bands Black Metal past along with their rich, earthen Prog future. This is Enslaved like you’ve never heard them before. Join the band in what could well be their most ostentatious journey into the world of Prog yet, welcome to the world of “E”.

Enslaved’s brand new album “E” is set for an October 13th release via Nuclear Blast. Its one of my favourite of the year so make sure that you pick it up here! 

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