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Almost a year ago, the climate for Thy Art Is Murder was very different. After the surprise announcement earlier in the year that CJ McMahon would be leaving Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder it fractured the band somewhat. Not stopping the band from their dilligent work ethic, fill in vocalists were brought in. Once again shocking the Metal world, the band revealed that CJ was in fact returning to the band. Fast forward to almost a year to the month and Thy Art Is Murder have undertaken a monumental world tour in support of their ferocious new record Dear Desolation.

Significantly upping the ante with each release, Thy Art Is Murder have fast become one of the hottest properties on the Death Metal market. Having only released three full lengths tonight the band have sold out the 1,200 capacity venue on presale tickets alone. The future is bright for Thy Art Is Murder, following the absolutely destructive force that was After The Burial, the band well and truly brought the thunder with cuts of new record Dig Deep and finishing on the towering “A Wolf Amongst Ravens“. Following the departure of the Minneapolis monsters the air is thick not only with sweat but anticipation for the return of the Aussies.

As the final beer runs are in, people take their places in the crowd and the lights ominously ignite the swirling maelstrom that will be the front of the show. With shouts of “CJ!CJ!CJ!” deafening the Ballroom, our hooded frontman appears tearing the roof off pushed forward by the lacerating guitars of Andy Marsh and Sean Delander, Lee Stanton on drums, rounded out by Kevin Butler on bass. Wasting no time with pleasantries the group are straight into title track of the new record “Dear Desolation” rocketing right into the triplet frenzy that is “Slaves Beyond Death“.

Triumphantly announcing their return to an even bigger venue with an even better setlist, the front man is all smiles here tonight. Despite his announcement of follow up track “The Purest Strain of Hate” where the crowd throwback with just as much if not more force in one of their many characteristic breakdowns of the night. Though what Thy Art Is Murder truly succeed in is bringing their brand of Death Metal to the masses. Harbouring dissonance “Absolute Genocide’s” powerful lyrics explode into action once the song takes shape. Showing not only how much power McMahon’s vocals have behind them but how they have improved since the bands beginnings his bellows lie low and screams reach high. Not letting up one second here tonight, the band are on a mission to destroy every one of us tonight. Dedicating two newest cuts to their label Nuclear Blast and their crew, “Son of Misery” and “Puppet Master” see an appropriate reaction from the crowd as CJ inhales punters over the barrier.

Most importantly tonight, you can feel the energy that Thy Art Is Murder are currently thriving on. Nailing every section here there isn’t a second wasted, making for a fantastically theatrical “Light Bearer” whose soaring midsection is given a boost to the nth degree tonight. No doubt owing to Lee Stanton’s absolutely homeric drum presence. Not to mention the bands sound is pitch perfect with Marsh’s solo in “Holy War” stealing the limelight somewhat, though not before being snatched right back as the audience throw themselves predictably all over the place. Delivering their final calling card of “Reign of Darkness” the band pull out all the stops here tonight. Leaving the Electric Ballroom shellshocked, Thy Art Is Murder have proven that they are at the vanguard of the Death Metal world for a reason. Selling out the 1,200 capacity, earlier on CJ mentioned he wants to sell out more and more all over the world, getting crazier with each and ever appearance. Tonight the band not only nailed every aspect of a live performance but bettered themselves once more. A phenomenal show.

Thy Art Is Murder are currently on tour around Europe and their brand new album Dear Desolation is out now via Nuclear Blast. 

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