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For those who might not be familiar with the band, Through The Eyes of The Dead might have taken their title from a Cannibal Corpse classic but their sound is anything but an imitation. Developing their own signature style, the South Carolina Death Metallers went on hiatus following the release of their fantastic Skepsis, a mind boggling seven years ago their record was released, slowly but surely signs from their various social medias were beginning interest back in the band, teasers of new material here and there. Fast forward to October 13th and their brand new opus Disomus will be unleashed upon the Death Metal masses and their return will be official.

Wanting to make the most out of the bands reunion, the band were joined by previous vocalists Anthony Gunnells and Nate Johnson on tracks  despite it being seven years it’s only the second release for vocalist Danny Rodriguez along with drummer Michael Ranne, however it also marks the introduction of new guitarist Steven Funderbunk with elements on the new record ranging from the classic Alien / Prometheus films to a sacrificial killing, Disomus is a collection of stories told in beautiful effect, from the moment the tentacular reach of “Hate The Living Master” bounces out of the gates its no holds barred as the band conquer once more.

Putting new drummer Michael Ranne through his paces “Haruspex” sees the man work perfectly with the Webster style prodigy that is Justin Longshore flanked by the cover fire of searing leads from Funderbunk. For the fans who might have seen a slight departure from the bands Malice roots, the band return to its depths on both “Stygian Maelstrom” whose extended drum intro importantly serves a purpose setting the ghoulish scene with atmospheric leads before the thick and fast sparks of melody permeate the verse. Though “Obitual” takes the nostalgic sentiment more for face value with the reappearance of classic vocalist Anthony Gunnells, delivering a smackdown vocal performance that will have fans happy for a long time to come. Thematically Disomus deals with some fantastic lyrical content including “”Til Solace She’ll Haunt” a story describing the true happenings when a police officer who went to check on an elderly woman with a twist. The record rarely lets up save for small instrumental section “Ignis”, though the amount of variety that is put forward on the album retains the band edge.

Compiling the best that Through The Eyes of The Dead have had in their history, Disomus sees the band enjoy their past but look towards a fantastically bright future.  Whether you were a fan of them before Disomus or not, Through The Eyes of The Dead have well and truly returned in 2017. Welcome back.

Through The Eyes of The Dead’s brand new album Disomus is out October 13th via eOne. You can pick up a copy of the record right here! 

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