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Returning after their intense touring schedule for Silence In The Snow, Trivium are once more back in the drivers seat with a brand new album. However this isn’t quite Trivium as you might think you know them, combining elements from the best moments of their careers and experimenting with new ideas, The Sin And The Sentence could well be their most intriguing album to date.

A band that have seemingly fought a war on two fronts, I personally applaud them for the release that was Silence In The Snow. Though many diehards felt that it was a little too Power Metal for their liking, I personally thought that it showed maturing songwriting and excellent use of dynamics. Following that trend, Trivium’s brand new album The Sin And The Sentence follows this exploratory path once more.

Bringing elements from the band that we’re more than familiar with and interesting new sections. No doubt owing to the recent addition of new drummer Alex Bent, who delivers an absolutely astounding performance on the new record, importantly Trivium sound heavier than ever. Releasing title track single and “The Heart From Your Hate” the band are onto a winning formula. Not only that but there were some firsts for the band as well with Paolo taking over lyrical duties and Matt sticking solely to vocals and guitar. Creating a compendium of all that Trivium have stood for in their Ascendancy – Shogun years, right up to their recent times, The Sin And The Sentence will sate any shred fans hunger and no doubt make their sound more accessible without sacrificing any of their integrity. Watch the review below.

Trivium’s brand new album The Sin And The Sentence is set for an October 20th release via Roadrunner. Preorder the album here now! 

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