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One of the most overlooked problems within today’s society, particularly in the counter culture movements the likes of Metal and Prog is the state of mental health. Having just this year claimed two heroes of the nineties both Chris Cornell and tragically Chester Bennington, mental health is a problem that is plaguing the music scene. Yet it hasn’t just been something that has begun to pop up recently. Two of fictions’ highest regarded writers both Virginia Woolfe and Sylvia Plath succumbed to the plight of mental health.

Fascinated by the two, Iamthemorning’s Marjana Semkina delved into the murky depths of the mind in the exploratory Lighthouse back in 2016. An emotional tour de force, the record was unlike anything else put out that year. Winning the very deserved accolade of Prog album of the year, it was a unanimous success in the eyes of the Prog world. The combination of Semkina’s haunting vocal performance with Kolyadin’s perfectly placed keys complimented each other to create an absolutely unforgettable musical experience.

Despite the constant struggle being Russian nationals to get out of the country to be able to tour the duo, returning to Bush Hall once again Iamthemorning delivered an absolutely awe inspiring performance in a truly beautiful setting. Nevertheless before Iamthemorning took to the stage, Marjana very kindly set some time aside to speak with me all about Lighthouse, mental health and just how demanding creating a new record truly is.

Iamthemorning’s gorgeous album Lighthouse is out now via Kscope. 


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