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Hell must have frozen over! The Faceless, have at last announced their brand new album In Becoming A Ghost for December 1st. 

Well, hasn’t this been a rollercoaster. Having first debuted single “The Spiralling Void” all the way back in 2015, then the band went through all that malarkey with their Australian appearance and having to cancel  their dates. There was also the reveal of “Black Star” which was a killer new track. It all went ugly but HUZZAH! At last, December 1st will see The Faceless at last return. 

Details are currently scarce surrounding the new record, preorders and a brand new track are coming on Halloween so not long to go! Though it doesn’t leave much time for the promo schedule to allow for much time. 

However the track listing is listed here : 

  1. I’m Becoming A Ghost
  2. Digging The Grave
  3. Black Star
  4. Cup of Mephistopheles 
  5. The Spiralling Void 
  6. Shake The Disease 
  7. I am 
  8. Ghost Reprise
  9. (Instru)Mental Illness
  10. The Terminal Breath 

I’m kind of loving the change from their more graphic design oriented style to a little more realistic photography slant. More news as and when I get it! 

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