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Hailing from the far reaching corners of the world in Australia, Ne Obliviscaris have been causing quite the stir not just to do with their symphonic mastery that was 2014’s Citadel either. Rewriting the band blueprint, one half of the bands frontmen, Tim Charles launched the revolutionary idea for Patreon. Seeing a direct interaction with band and fans, it brought the already loyal fan base together even more. Giving fans unique opportunities to communicate with the band. Now, being on an even footing, its enabled the group to concentrate on what could well be their best material to date, Urn.

Set for an October 27th release, Urn not only sees the band evolve from their Citadel roots further but truly embrace the meaning of what Ne Obliviscaris represent. One of Metal’s most forward thinking bands, if you’re unfamiliar with the group, its made up of two singers Xen and Tim Charles one doing the duty of harsh vocals and the other clean. Guitarists Matt Klavins and Benjamin Baret on lead duty and Dan Presland whose inhuman presence on drums is a hallmark of the bands sound. Along with the final piece to the puzzle, the violin.

Returning in 2017 with a revamped sound, Ne Obliviscaris have entered into what could be seen as their most exciting era to date. With large scale tours of the US and Australia having just been announced it seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to this ingenious band. Picking up where Citadel left off, Urn puts forward six tracks of sheer unadulterated creative genius. By no means a “Citadel Part II” Urn has its own distinct personality and one that will see Ne Obliviscaris potentially come through with Album Of The Year accolades throughout the industry.

Ne Obliviscaris’ Urn is set for an October 27th release via Season of Mist. Pick up a copy of the record here. 

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