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Despite them being one of the pedigree of Death Metal bands in the world, Cattle Decapitation had somewhat neglected the likes of the UK and some of Europe. Concentrating on touring the states, the band returned perhaps sooner than expected following last years European Extinction Tour. Wanting to make the most of their time here, we got to have a look behind what its like to be in Cattle Decapitation via Facebook.

Releasing a brand new video on their Facebook account, Cattle Decapitation have put together a video chronicling their most recent UK / Euro tour. Featuring footage from their live performances, small interviews with the band, you get to see just what its like to be in Cattle Decapitation. Not to mention that Travis Ryan dispels this myth of the “clean vocals”. Having spoken to him myself, I know exactly how he feels about it and he’s really got a point, they are not clean whatsoever!

Anyway, its a fantastic little documentary and only lasts about fifteen minutes so its a perfect little video to watch when you’re on your lunch break for example. Check it out and I personally hope that they bring more along.

You can also check out my interview with Josh, where he talks about potential ideas for the band’s new album here! 

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