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One of the biggest afflictions in the industry, mental health, is sadly not a new phenomena. Something that has been plaguing the music world for many years, its plight that previously was silent is now coming to light with recent loss of life from two of the Metal worlds most influential singers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

With increasing pressure put upon musicians in the industry, this taboo of not being able to speak about ones feelings has existed, particularly in the perception of what is seen as masculine for far too long. Departing Thy Art Is Murder following the recording of their Holy War record, the frontman stunned the world over with his shock announcement that he would be leaving the band.

Unbeknownst to the public, the reason for this decision came in the form of self help. Understanding the man’s substance abuse problem, CJ understood what needed to be done and took measures into his own hands. Fast forward to August 2017 and the inspirational man has returned with his band to deliver what is currently the album of Thy Art Is Murder‘s career. Proving that this wise but no doubt hard decision to step away from the band temporarily was in not only McMahon’s best interests but the bands too.

Recently selling out Camden’s Electric Ballroom, the 1,200 capacity venue was shaking from the rafters as the band rolled out an absolutely astounding performance. Currently on their European tour, CJ is well and try at the top of his game both vocally and mentally. Being such an influential character to the younger members of the ever growing Metal scene and with the bands fiercely loyal fans, if anyone would have a correct platform and authority to speak out on what we could do to help those who need it most, its CJ! Discussing the bands landmark new album, mental health and CJ’s unusual vocal lessons before a show, when surely a vocalist would want to conserve their voice, this is the man at his best.

Make sure you go and check out Thy Art Is Murder on tour right now!

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