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Photo by Strati Hovartos

It has been sixteen years, it has been a long fucking road but godamn it Slipknot is in Mexico City!” cries Corey Taylor in between songs on their latest slab of aural assault that is Day Of The Gusano. Following their meteoric rise to fame, none has ever matched the sheer visceral emotion for me that was their Sonisphere 2011 Sunday performance. Sodden in the pouring rain, on a Sunday evening thousands of black clad fans crawled over Knebworth. Greeting the long awaited return of one of the world’s most unique bands following the tragedy that befell them with the passing of Paul Gray.

After their rehabilitation that was .5: The Gray Chapter Slipknot would once more tour the world over. Despite their endless US and European conquests, Slipknot had neglected the one country who arguably needed them the most. Deciding to finally visit New Mexico, it was an emotional ride for more than just a couple of the fans. Wanting to commemorate the moment, the band decided to record not only their performance but their fans too. Having premiered in cinemas the world over with the “directors cut” so to speak, Day Of The Gusano (Spanish for maggot) has now been unleashed to the world as a Live DVD / CD combo.

Slipknot photo 2 Credit Strati Hovartos

Photo by Strati Hovartos

From the sheer fact the stage is positively crawling with band members, to the flamboyant stage props put together for the show. There is nothing quite like a Slipknot show. Following the thousands of chants the band emerge onto the stage for the melodious “Sarcastrophe”. Having toned material down substantially since their insane live shows of Iowa era fame, Slipknot might be more tame but are no less brilliant. Following the performance with a magnificent “The Devil In I” easily one of Slipknot’s shining achievements on their latest release.

The performance put forward is a stark reminder of just what a presence Slipknot have when performing live, always an essential part of the Slipknot show, the crowd in New Mexico go even further than the conventional fans, positively losing their minds. As a very grateful Corey Taylor hurls out “Buenas noches Mexico City!“. Perhaps one of the biggest compliments to Slipknot, is the ability the band have to transcend language. Of course the classics of “Duality” reach ear shattering limits with its introduction not needing any help from the bands themselves as the audience take it away, always the highlight of the bands performance the commands of “not until I say, jump the fuck up” the immortal words are flung out with the combined force that would have the whole of Mexico shaking on “Spit It Out“. The destructive encore of “People = Shit” followed by the dissonant cry of “Surfacing”, New Mexico’s true “new national fucking anthem” brings out nontet’s incredible performance to a close.

It might not feature the exclusive interviews that were in the cinematic release with the band but what Slipknot have managed to do, that most elusive of feats on a live venture is capture that same anticipation that I felt back in the pouring rain in 2011. Regardless of race, sex, belief, religion or language, Slipknot are the embodiment of what Metal in the modern day stands for. It might have taken them a while but Slipknot have managed to channel that same energy that wowed Knebworth back in 2011 for the first time into a brand new venture in the form of Day Of The Gusano.

Day Of The Gusano is out now via Eagle Rock. 

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