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Before the likes of Facebook, before Twitter, before even the internet there was a time when things were far more simple. When piracy would consist of recordings tape of your own over the radio, where band’s would make money through real record sales. Channelling this youthful spirit of the eighties into the modern day are thrashers Savage Messiah. Bred from London, the four piece have slowly but surely been making their way up the Metal ladder, set to release Hands of Fate October 27th this could well be the answer to the eighties that we’ve all been looking for.

Working damn hard at their craft, I’ve seen Savage Messiah myself at least four times in a live setting and every time they have more than proven their worth. Tirelessly honing their craft, it seems that their new signing to Century Media could well have brought out their best record to date. Understanding the essentials in the make up of a brilliant song the likes of “Lay Down Your Arms” might be one of the slower tracks on the record but packs some of the biggest punches. Dynamics put forward in the drumming of Andrea Gorio, Carefully placed melody works like breadcrumbs to the listener before a gargantuan solo the likes of “Blood Red Road” who would have men from their teens to their late sixties air guitaring along.

Creating their own distinctive style, Savage Messiah lies somewhere between Bon Jovi, Megadeth and Carcass. Yet Hands of Fate isn’t some cackhanded attempt at a collage but instead a brilliant approach. Hardly three bands that would normally be in the same sentence together. Bordering on Schuldiner-esque leads on “Eat Your Heart OutSavage Messiah’s true weapon lies in their expert use of harmonies, reinforcing the well laid foundation of melody. “Fearless” once again brings their Iron Maiden sized leads to the fore for a fantastic medley along with Dave Silver’s almost Hard Rock style vocals anchored by Mira Slama’s driving bass line.

Grand finale “Out of Time” puts a Metallica sized step forward yet sounds nothing like the band whatsoever. With an influence of the likes of the classics it can be such an easy mistake to make material that is your own sound like a mish mash of classic bands. Thankful Savage Messiah have not only evaded that completely but written an absolutely brilliant record that should see them get the recognition they have been working so hard for.

Savage Messiah’s brand new album Hands of Fate is set for an October 27th release via Century Media. Pre order the record here! 

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