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The term supergroup can be thrown around a lot in the world of Metal. Meant to symbolise the coming together of various members who have been in other bands, here the emphasis is put on the word super. The sheer power that All Pigs Must Die put forward on their new release Hostage Animal, is to the strength that most will never truly reach. With it being five years since new material has surfaced at long last we welcome back the return of this most powerful of forces. 

Despite its ferocious delivery, the animus of All Pigs Must Die is melancholic. Working in two ways, the eerie foreshadowing of “Slave Morality” is merely a window into the collective tortured soul that is Hostage Animal. Sacrificing speed for sheer un encumbered weight it’s riffs are felt throughout its five minute stint. Though “The Whip” ensures that Hostage Animal is certainly no slouch containing one of the albums biting guitar leads. 
A perfect snapshot of the spirit of Hostage Animal lies in the fifty second assault that is “Meditation of Violence“. Singer Kevin Baker’s unhinged lyrics blurred out whilst the guitars a barrelled out with a Punk sensibility despite its blackened heart. In between the lumbering steps, the record is peppered with the fits of rage the likes of “A Caustic Vision“. Once again showcasing just how devastating Ben Koller is as a drummer, with one of the album’s stand out grooves in the last thirty seconds of the track. 

Despite the slower sections, the record clocks in at a face ripping thirty five minutes. Scarcely letting up,employing genius use of dynamics acting like a man possessed Ben Koller is a veritable ball of energy on the record. Being the integral key to the likes of “Moral Purge“s explosive finale. Ending the record on just as much of a terrific note as it begun, it’s “Heathen Reign”  that will have you holding on for dear life as all the elements put forward by the band combine to create a perfect crossover of both their volatile speed and their lugubrious strength. 

In this case, the term super group couldn’t be more apt. Bringing together members from different musical backgrounds that all share the same ideology, Hostage Animal is an unkind, frank look at the word of today and it’s one hell of a ride. 


You can pick up a copy of the record here out now via Southern Lord. 

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