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Returning last year with their absolutely ferocious Beast, Despised Icon wowed audiences all over Europe at the appearance on Impericon Fest, now the band will return with the help of some friends.

Kicking winter off in fine fashion, Despised Icon will be coming back over to Europe and bringing some fantastic support in tow with them. Dishing out their brand of metallic Hardcore, Malevolence will be supporting the band alongside fellow Canadians Archspire and Vulvodynia.

Personally I couldn’t be more excited for the prospect of seeing Archspire for what could well be the first time in England! Releasing their devastatingly good Relentless Mutation this year, they really are one of the bands that would make this insane to miss. Not to mention the kind of grooves that would be laid down by the likes of Malevolence and Vulvodynia. Not forgetting our headliners, who have, realistically only just really come back. A fantastic touring package that all manner of Metalhead’s would be able to enjoy.


Check the dates for more info. See you down the front.

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