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One of the most influential bands in the history of Death Metal, Buffalo born but Florida raised Cannibal Corpse are now on their fourteenth album. Set to be unveiled on November 3rd via Metal Blade, Red Before Black could be seen as one of their most dynamic yet. Picking up where A Skeletal Domain left off, the band enter into the world of the macabre once more.

Having shown songwriting maturity with their 2014 effort both lyrically and musically, Cannibal Corpse have once again challenge their own limits in terms of aggression. Unveiling their first single the Zev Deans directed “Code of The Slashers” is a perfect snapshot into the universe of Red Before Black. Thriving in a malevolent atmosphere, the modus operandi for this new release lay in the idea of less is more. Bringing ideas to the fore that sees Red Before Black a combination of one of their most ferocious as it is their most dynamic, tracks the likes of ‘Heads Shovelled Off” and “Only One Will Die” retain their bite whilst the experimental strands are brought in via the fantastic “Scavenger Consuming Death” and “Hideous Ichor”.

Once again another shining achievement in the bands bloody arsenal and something that is sure to get under every Cannibal Corpse fan’s skin.

Red Before Black is set for a November 3rd release via Metal Blade and you can pick up a copy of the album here! 



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