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Somewhat going hand in hand, the fandom that surrounds both Metal music and the likes of Comics can, at times be kindred spirits. With this in mind, I thought why not see what Comic Con is all about!

Having never been to any sort of Comic Con before, I had always seen posters that lined the underground showing just how mad and brilliant the convention was. Not to mention that Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth would be part of the show on a Horror panel chatting to well known author Shaun Hutson, a fan of his for sure, it was merely another excuse for me to go down. Arriving there I had absolutely no idea just how extensive the cosplaying was, ranging from the likes of Orange Is The New Black to things I had never even heard of Comic Con was one of the biggest and most interesting conventions I’ve ever been to!

Trying to capture some of the vibe and the downright madness, I thought that I would take my camera along as well as my fiancee too! I even ended up picking up a Friday the 13th t-shirt. I can safely say that I shall definitely be coming back again!

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