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MUSIC – The Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual


Every good fan of Death Metal should own a copy of The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Ritual. One of the Detroit bands finest efforts, its an absolutely stunning addition to their catalogue and one that cemented them, at least for me as one of the best Death Metal bands of current that people should never take for granted. Not to mention what better way to kick of a record than with the arrival of strings in “A Shrine To Madness” an actual ode to Halloween itself!

FILM – Halloween


After you’ve blasted the fake cobwebs out from your ears with the Death Metal fury that is Ritual, you’ll want to curl up with an (undead) loved one and get one of the scariest and seasonally appropriate movies out from the DVD collection. Of course referencing the “Scream Queen” herself I am talking about the genius that is Halloween, though you would be permitted to watch the remake, bonus points for the original it has to be said!

DRINK – Kraken Rum


After long hard day at work / university what better way unwind than with a Horror movie and a good record. Now we’ve got those two in the bag all thats left is a nice stiff drink to help cool things off and what better to drink than the beast itself Kraken Rum. Having recently attended Kraken’s Screamfest I couldn’t recommend anything better not only in terms of taste but ghoulish enjoyment too!

FOOD – Dead Man’s Hand


Remembering this one from multiple Halloween parties I would have had as a kid, the Dead Man’s Hand is an easy one. Fill up a glove with jelly mixture and put red laces in the bottom of the glove. Put it in the fridge and make sure that it has solidified. Carefully remove the glove and you will have a hand shaped jelly with sinew attached! What more terrifying food could you think of?!

COSTUME – Black Metal dude


And finally, no Halloween would be complete without a costume. Opting for something that might be slightly more to a Metal taste, you can never go wrong with the good ol fashioned corpse paint. Pick up some make up from Sainsbury’s on the way home, when you’re headed out to get your jelly mixture for your dead man’s hand and get that slap on. I personally would go for one of the demented looks that Carach Angren have nailed here in their promo picture.

But whatever you do, have a brilliant, spooky Halloween!

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