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Its here! Today marks the preorder for The Faceless’ first album in five years, its taken a while but In Becoming A Ghost will be arriving come December 1st and they’ve released a brand new track titled “Digging The Grave“.

To say that the pressure is on is an understatement. After the recent fiasco that was their touring plans, fans are hanging onto The Faceless’ every word here with this release. So far we’ve heard “Black Star” and “The Spiralling Void“.

The brand new single, released simultaneously with the announcement of preorders seems to be your run of the mill The Faceless material, until the 180 degree turn which involves the incorporation of a full orchestra! It even features a genius flute solo in there! I have to say I was totally blown away by it, I would imagine that fans will no doubt feel the same way, I’ve done.

The art in choosing a first single is incredibly difficult but the inspired decision to have “Digging The Grave” is genius. Yet another red herring to throw towards the audience. Reminding me of a sense of Technical Death Metal Carach Angren that meets Steven Wilson’s style flute solo.

Ok , The Faceless, consider me hyped. Listen to the brand new track and let me know what you think!

Preorder the record here, right now! 

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