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Being a thoroughbred Metalhead, I sadly was scoffing at the likes of Don Broco until I met my fiancee who introduced me to their unique sound. Now, having played Automatic and Priorities to death, I can safely say I was very wrong. Nevertheless these new releases are nothing compared to the forthcoming new record Technology impacting our world on February 2nd 2018 via SharpTone Records.

After releasing singles, “Everybody”, then “Pretty”, then “Technology”, followed by “Stay Ignorant” Don Broco have released potentially one of their finest songs to date. Debuting on Radio 1’s Hottest Record, “T-Shirt Song” is absolutely genius. Combining all the elements that made you fall in love with the band at first, its got a Funk sensibility, kick ass tone and some amazing vocal harmonies courtesy of Rob Damiani and drummer Matt Donnelly.

Despite releasing FIVE songs, the band have still got another eleven that we’ve yet to hear. Set to perform at Alexandra Palace next week, its going to be the band’s biggest UK show to date and with the kind of trajectory these Bedford lads are taking, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were looking at a performance over at Brixton at some point.

To be perfectly honest, these boys deserve all of it. They’ve worked their collective asses off and the result is going to be absolutely fantastic. Get involved.

Preorder the band’s brand new album Technology right here, right now. Go on, you know you want to. 

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