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After a lengthy absence, Winds of Plague return with their new offering Blood of My Enemy. For those who might not be familiar with the band, their songwriting lies in the vein of mid two thousands Metalcore with a hint of the lachrymose keyboards a la Bleeding Through. Coming off the back of 2013’s resistance, four years in the making the band make their creative return with Blood Of My Enemy.

Bringing the riffs in their shedloads the likes of “Never Alone” would set perfectly aside the top of the mid two thousands Metalcore troupe. Not just focusing on the likes of heavy riffing, Winds of Plague aren’t afraid of bringing their more cinematic feeling to the fore with the likes of “Kings of Carnage“. Much of the formula is the same for the record often bringing the likes of a theatrical introduction in “From Failure, Comes Clarity“. I fear that the trouble that Winds of Plague have, is simply trying to cram too much into their sound.

The bludgeoning riffs work well if they were to be left as an almost Bury Your Dead sensibility but instead things get overly complicated. Take “Snakeskin” for example, beginning in a riff heavy fashion, it gets far too complicated with the introduction of keys. Had the band just gone for a simplistic heavy approach it would have brought out interesting results. Similarly the same thing happens on “A Nameless Walker” after the introduction of “A New Day” the set up is there with the introduction but rather than the likes of Carach Angren who might place the orchestra in a collaborative fashion it simply seems clumsy.

However its not all bad news “Dark Waters” features some moments that use the combination of Hardcore / Metalcore elements with the keyboards in an interesting fashion, its just a shame that it doesn’t last throughout the record. Bottom line is Winds of Plague have some potential but bring too many elements into the fray which ends making their sound overall rather flimsy. If you’re a fan of the band there will be things for you to like but I can’t see this as being a huge step forward for the band sadly!

Rating : 3/5

Winds of Plague’s Blood Of My Enemy is out now via SPV. 

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