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Known to be a trend that of love and violence are both interlinked by the innate human need for affection. The two couldn’t be more apt as figureheads for Converge’s animus. By all definitions functioning in the milieu of the extreme, Converge are a band like no other. Inspiring dozens in their wake, you would be forgiven for thinking a band that has been going twenty seven years might put the brakes on somewhat. No chance. Made up of vocalist Jacob Bannon, drummer Ben Koller, bassist Nate Newton and rounded up by guitar and production wizard Kurt Ballou. For twenty seven years, Converge have been consistently rewriting their own archetype and The Dusk In Us, could well be one of their finest to date.

After a five year absence, the band’s longest standing break in between albums, following Converge’s previous All We Love We Leave Behind. At last the band return to their desolate throne. Combining the tree trunk heavy style riffing, with nimble, acrobatic fretboard skills Ballou’s guitar works in perfect harmony with Koller’s bombastic drums. Given his shrill delivery, wordsmith Jacob Bannon has been responsible for some of the Hardcore troupe’s finest emotional hours. Here documenting the first time the singer held his own child, the cracks of humility peer through Bannon’s animalistic delivery on “A Single Tear“. Similarly the records title track follows solemnly whilst lead single “I Can Tell You About Pain” ensures that knife edge the band reside on is firmly in place.

Could this be one of the band’s best albums? Quite possibly.

Converge’s brand new album is out November 3rd via Epitaph. 

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