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Following their recent announcement of the absolutely killer “Digging The Grave” off their forthcoming new record In Becoming A  Ghost (December 1st) that the band premiered on Halloween, it seems that The Faceless will be heading out to our shores and all I can say is AT LAST!

Announcing today that The Faceless will be touring the UK this coming February I genuinely cannot wait. Its been an absolute age since The Faceless were announced to come through to the British Isles, set to perform at Tech Fest this year, the band had to pull out and not to mention the recent touring cancellation that was Australia.

Either way, lets just try and be as positive as possible and this is definitely going to happen! As a big time fan of The Faceless that found Planetary Duality when it had just been released but has never been able to see the band live, I am very, VERY excited for this one.

If you’ve not heard the new single then why not hear it RIGHT NOW. That flute man.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 8th November.

In Becoming a Ghost is set for a December 1st release via Sumerian. 

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