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Hurtling onto the scene in 2009, its taken Nails a mere eight years to become one of the most talked about bands of the modern day. Be it for their mysterious hiatus announcement back in 2016, following their brilliant You Will Never Be One Of Us, or their ferocious debut Unsilent Death. With their longest record to date being 20 minutes, Nails sound is as just as obstinate as you might expect. Having only visited our British isles a handful of times, Nails are a rare delicacy that when grace our shores should not be passed up. Capitalising on their Damnation Festival appearance, the band brought their untamed brutality to London for one night only and The Underworld was NOT ready.

Following the support from upcoming groups the likes of Harrowed and Helpless, the sounds heard at The Underworld have been unforgiving to say the least but when Nails take to the stage, the crowd becomes an all out war zone. With the intimidating sounds of Todd Jones booming over the PA as the final “You will never be one of us…” rings out, the switch is flicked and primed for ignition sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy. With blink and you’ll miss it accuracy, Nails’ repertoire embodies the Punk ethos with Death Metal accoutrements laced in vitriol.

Bursting into “Made To Make You Fall” the track might well be under one minute but this frenzy is not for the fainthearted. Jones’ deafening screams coupled together with drummer Taylor Young’s unrelenting battery creates a serious racket. Making the likes of “Life Is A Death Sentence” half time groove positively flattening the audience . This element of sonic violence is where Nails thrive, this misanthropic outlook towards humanity is quite literally forced down your throat, like it or not. Yet just as Nails can be ferociously fast, their weight lies in their riffs the likes of set closer “They Come Crawling Back…” or “Violence Is Forever” being a perfect example.

Sharing this rabid nature there is zero room for incompetence with each member working together to deliver razor point accuracy. Despite only being on stage for forty odd minutes, both the band and crowd are just as exhausted as the other. As the final sledgehammer riffs claim their victims, it is with a sigh of relief that the walls of the Underworld are able to breathe after the absolute onslaught this Californian mob have brought with them. If you were ever debating about seeing this band live, there is no question this is acrimonious fury at its very finest.


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