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One of the most interesting releases of 2015, Tribulation well and truly set the bar to the highest standard in Black Metal with their release Children of The Night. With perhaps only themselves as competition, the band have brought a unique blend of Classic Rock, Black Metal and even a smidgen of Prog.

Announcing their brand new EP Lady Death for a release of December 22nd, it will be the perfect early Christmas present for the more ghoulish of fans. Featuring the track “Lady Death” and B-side titled “Skärselden”. The gorgeous artwork that comes with the EP features artwork by the band’s own multi talented Jonathan Hulté who also plays guitar in the band.  Perhaps the most exciting news however though is that Tribulation will be releasing their brand new, as yet untitled record on January 26th (the day after my birthday!).


Children of The Night was easily one of my most listened to records of 2015 and I have no doubt that their new record will be just the same. It also worth noting that previous drummer

Limited to 1500 copies worldwide here is a list of the variants :

Black vinyl: limited to 700 copies. Available at various mailorder stores
Clear vinyl: limited to 100 copies. Exclusively available at Century Media’s mailorder
Transparent-red vinyl: limited to 200 copies. Sold by Tribulation on their upcoming tours
Transparent-orange vinyl: limited to 200 copies. Available at various mailorder stores
Dark-green vinyl: limited to 300 copies. Available at Tribulation’s band store via King’s Road

Preorder a copy of the new EP here!

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