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Following the recent announcement that Ozzy Osbourne would be closing out Download Festival’s Sunday headline slot, the next band to be announced is…

Avenged Sevenfold! Kicking the festival off with their Friday headline slot, I personally couldn’t think of anyone better suited for the task. Having previously headlined the festival back in 2014 following the release of their now seminal Hail To The King, the band will be returning this year claim their rightful throne as some of Download Festival’s most ambitious headliners.

For those who might have attended their arena tour of the UK earlier this year, you’ll know that we’re going to be in for more than just a treat. Having released The Stage in October 2016, Avenged Sevenfold have become one of Modern Metal’s biggest acts and have a live show to boot! Slowly but surely climbing up the ladder with the raucous City of Evil, the experimental self titled before the passing of The Rev brought them to the era of Nightmare.

Following that was their UK No1 album Hail To The King which brings us to the modern day. Avenged Sevenfold couldn’t be more apt for a headline slot at the festival. I couldn’t have predicted that the band would have a meteoric rise to fame but here they are all these years later.

Andy Copping had this to say :

A real career highlight of mine was giving Avenged Sevenfold their first ever UK festival headline slot, and I’m thrilled to welcome them back. You don’t often see bands like Avenged Sevenfold top the charts, but much like seeing them live, they’re not to be underestimated.”

Download Festival will be held in its annual home of Derby at Donington June 8th – 10th

Tickets are available here!

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